concentrate and relax in temple
​Charge:6,900 Yen/per 〜 ( Including tax/Experience fee+Accommodation fee)
Capacity:10 people (Minimum 2 people)
Minimum age:10 years old or older
Time:the specified day of the month am10:00 
The time it takes to do Hand-copying sutra is 2 hours.
Place:Myo-jyou temple.
10 minutes by walk from 14 Guesthouse Mt.Fuji.
​Address:1-9-58 Chuo-cho,Fujicity,Shizuoka

<What is Shakyo (tracing a Japanese Kanji of a Buddhist image)?>

Shakyo is the practice of tracing a picture of a Buddhist image. You will trace a Buddhist image or drawn Buddhist figures with a brush.  Anyone can do it at their own pace. Even those who cannot write Kanji (Chinese characters) can participate in the experience and have a Buddhist image created by themselves.  You can feel and experience the tradition and culture of Japan through this experience.

Takahiro Kawamura
​He is a DJ ”TOP DOCA”!!!!

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