Let's make a personalized signature stamp!
​Charge:13,900 Yen/per 〜 ( Including tax/Experience fee+Accommodation fee)
Capacity:4people (Minimum 2 people)
Minimum age:10 years old or older
Time:Every Friday pm2. 
The time it takes to do Hanko make is 2 hours.
Place:Hanno OZAWA.
 3 minutes by walk from 14 Guesthouse Mt.Fuji.
​Address:4-22-18 Yoshiwara,Fujicity,Shizuoka

What is a "HANKO"

a hanko is a personalized signature stamp you can use for letters,postcards,or anywhere you want to leave your mark.Japanese people all have their own personal hanko. Come try to make your own signature stamp! You will get a traditional culture experience.

Satoshi Ozawa 
The fifth generation seal master/Raian Ozawa.
​Our Hanko shop with a history of 137 years.

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