Let's make japanese tradictional sweets WAGASHI.
Charge:7,900 Yen/per 〜 ( Including tax/Experience fee+Accommodation fee)
Capacity : 8 people (Minimum 2 people)
Minimum age:3 years old or older
Time:①am10:00〜 ②pm1:30〜
The time it takes to do Japanese calligraphy Experience is 2 hours.
Place:14 Guesthouse Mt.Fuji

Wagashi is Japanese sweets.It is one of the Japanese traditional confectioneries, that is served with Japanese green tea. The dough is tinted with various colors and sculpted into various shapes. Nerikiri represents Japanese nature.It's so beautiful, and we can enjoy the Japanese four seasons.

Sayoko Takagi.
Smile Table.

Japanese sweets WAGASHI master.

She has two children. She started this make WAGASHI because she wanted to see the faces that her children were happy with.Anyone from adults to a children can enjoy it.



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