Introduction to Modern Origami
"Flying crane in front of Mt. Fuji"
​Charge:6,900 Yen/per 〜 ( Including tax/Experience fee+Accommodation fee)
Capacity : 8 people (Minimum 2 people)
Minimum age:10 years old or older
Time:①am10:00〜 ②pm2:00〜
The time it takes to do Origami is 2 hours.
Place:14 Guesthouse Mt.Fuji

Origami is known as a Japanese traditional art and now loved all over the world. With modern origami techniques, you can fold beautiful roses, nice boxes and even complex animals. In this lesson, you can try to fold “Flying crane in front of Mt. Fuji” designed by Terao Yoko. Using the origami, you can make a collage with some paper materials.

Yoko Terao. 

When she was a child, she folded one thousand paper cranes by herself. Later, she started folding roses and palm-size animals. Nowadays she dedicates herself to design her own origami models to spread joy of origami.

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