14 Guest House Mt.Fuji was handpicked by our local

Activities & Workshops

It's a guest house where you can enjoy.

An advantageous accommodation ticket

that can be used in the future.

​Have a good stay card.

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14 Guest House Mt.Fuji


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Accommodation facility introduction and system.

You can use anything from work space, kitchen space, bathroom etc.

Guest Room

The 4.5th floor is the hostel, which welcomes guests from all over Japan or from all over the world.

[private twin room 2persons]

[Female-only dorm room  4 beds]

[Unisex Dorm room 12 beds]

The compact bed space is equipped with 2 USB adapters, outlet power and lights, etc.,

so you can stay in a comfortable space.

Event / Rental Space

There is a rental space on the second floor of this building.

Anyone can rent it (reservation required)

Please contact 14 Guest House Mt.Fuji.


Please see here for the map and access method,

Contact us from here for reservation of rental space on the 2nd floor.

Please feel free to contact us in English



3-chōme-3-23 Yoshiwara, Fuji, Shizuoka


静岡県富士市吉原3-3-23 4/5F 


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